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Since 1999 Bandura Collectibles (previously Bandura Philatelic Services) has been preparing dedicated and specific album display pages for contemporary postage stamps of Ukraine issued since March 1992. Other specially commissioned display pages are also prepared for select customers.

Bandura Collectibles, which is based in Adelaide, South Australia, is operated by George Fedyk. George is the current secretary and treasurer of the Ukrainian Collectibles Society (UCS) of Australia, the current UPNS Vice-President for Australasia, and a past editor of The Southern Collector and Ukrainian Philatelist journals. He has had a postage stamp issued by Ukrposhta (St. Michael’s Church in February 2007), has extensive international contacts and is well known around Australia for preparing and displaying diverse and extensive aspects of Ukrainica collecting.

For Ukraine postage stamp issues to the end of 2011 a total of 164 pages have been prepared plus a cover page and an introduction page. Pages are prepared approximately twice per year subject to the issuing practices of Ukrposhta. Each page is off-white 150 gsm acid-free paper. Paper size is 214 mm x 280 mm. Each page contains the issue title (and where required a brief description), the issue date, designer and quantity information and is individually numbered. Each stamp box has a 3 mm gap from the stamp, is pre-printed with the stamp image and is designed that stamps be placed in clear Hawid mounts. The page has a border 10 mm from the edge. Pages are designed to meet international display conventions and fit into both Australian A4 and North American ‘letter size’ clear display sleeves. Attached are two sample pages – one depicting how blank pages look and one with stamps included.

All pages are priced at $2.00 each (based on current Australian-US currency parity). Postage (based on Australia Post weight rates) and packaging costs are additional. Customers hold a positive credit balance with Bandura Collectibles to ensure that future pages can be immediately despatched as they become available. Payment can be made either in cash (purchaser’s risk), through PayPal or Skrill electronic facilities (and adding a 5% charge to cover fees), or by international cheque payable in Australian currency.

Contact can be made direct with George Fedyk through one of the communication methods stated at the top of this page.

Bandura Collectibles
P.O. Box 466, Woodville, SA, 5011 AUSTRALIA
+61 8 8445 9825


Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album

The Tryzub Ukrainian Stamp Album is my attempt at making an album of Ukrainian postage stamps that has descriptions on the page for each stamp, hopefully making the album far more enjoyable for non-collectors, and people who are unfamiliar with Ukrainian history, politics and culture. Pictures are included on all the pages to make mounting easier for people unable to read Cyrillic.

Pages are currently available for Ukrainian stamps from 1992-2008. I hope to have everything through 2011 completed by the end of the year.

All stamp names are taken from and translated into English using Wikipedia spellings. I did this to make Internet searches easier for people that want to learn more about the topics on the stamps.

The pages are designed using completely free tools and fonts. I use the free desktop publishing application Scribus to design my pages, and the fonts Liberation Sans and League Gothic, also completely free. Pages are available in PDF format, as well as the original Scribus Desktop Publishing files for other people to edit. Current pages are in US Letter, but I am working on A4 as well.

I hope as many people as possible make use of these pages and they inspire people to collect Ukrainian stamps.
Andy Pastuszak


Ukraine Stamp Album.

I started creating this album in 1998 for myself because I could not find anything that was available. Then 2 friends of mine saw it and wanted to purchase it. They are still buying pages to this day. In 2001 I started to sell it to other people.

The album has all the stamps, souvenir blocks and booklets that have been issued by UKRPOSHA since 1992 up until 2011. All the scans are of the stamps that I have purchased. It comes in both Ukrainian and English. Each page has a picture of the stamps, date of issue and short description. The full album has 168 pages. All pages are brilliant white standard letter size and 100lb paper. It comes with the size of mounts for each stamp.

Prices 1992-2011:
Colour pages: -$120
Black and White pages: -$90
Album with all mount: -$380
Additional pages: -$1.50 per page
Additional pages with mounts: -$3.00
Stepan Moskal


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