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Corinphila Auction 202-204 Nov 18-21

40hryven on 20hWithin the past few days Corinphila Auctions in Zurich unveiled their latest three catalogs online for their 18-21 November 2015 auction. Included in catalog Number 202 Europa and Overseas are the rare Ukrainian items mentioned at the Ukrainpex meeting in Grand Rapids in August.

These are all the Ukrainian-related materials that will be available: under Ukraine, Lots no. 1793-1804; under Russia, Lots 1718-1719; and under Austria, Lot 1556. These include some really scarce Courier Field Post stamps, sheets, and a cover. Included is UKRAINE’s RAREST STAMP (see Lot 1802) of which only two exist! There is also a virtually complete collection of “RUB” overprints, as well as examples of the super-rare Cherkasy Provisional (1920) stamps and interesting samples of the Twenty Hryven stamp of 1920.


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