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Ukrainepex 2017 Palmares

Ukrainepex 2017 Palmares

Dates: November 10th - 11th

Location: Old Mill, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Competitive Exhibits

All competative exhibits were assessed according to ‘the new standard’ as initiated at the beginning of this year. 

Winner of this year's UPNS Golden Trident Award is exhibit 'Ukrainian Provisional Postage Stamps, 1992-1996'.



Stelmacovich, Mark
Ukraine’s Trident-Overprinted Russian Revenue Stamps of Podillia, Years 1918-1919
Gold (89%)
Stelmacovich, Mark Ukraine’s Unissued Stamps Vermeil (77%)
Skweir, Michael Ukraine German Occupation During WW2 Vermeil (75%)
Stelmacovich, Mark
Ukrainian Provisional
Postage Stamps, 1992-1996

Gold (89%)

Non-Competitive Exhibits 
Stelmacovich, Mark
Covers that Mirror Ukraine’s 20th Century Evolving History
Stelmacovich, Mark Booze, Cigs, Legalities, and the Inner Light Certificate
Zastawny, Jaroslaw 70 Years of ‘Plast’ (Scouting) in Toronto Certificate
Zastawny, Jaroslaw Provisionals of Ukraine Certificate
Zastawny, Jaroslaw Provisionals of Kyiv Certificate
Zastawny, Jaroslaw 70 Years of the Galician Army Certificate
Sokolyk, Wsevolod Ukrainian Collectibles Society Certificate
Sokolyk, Wsevolod 50th Anniversary of the World Congress of Free Ukrainians Certificate
Sokolyk, Wsevolod 'Pro Valore, Pro Patria Mori’ Certificate
Sokolyk, Wsevolod .‘Ex Libris’ Certificate
Sokolyk, Wsevolod Ukrainians on Sports Cards Certificate
Sokolyk, Wsevolod Slogan and Commemorative Hand Stamps Certificate
Sokolyk, Wsevolod Meter Postage Certificate
Sokolyk, Wsevolold Cardinal Slipyj Certificate
Sokolyk, Wsevolod History of Ukrainian Soccer Certificate
Sokolyk, Wsevolod Ukrainian Themed Picture Postage Certificate
Kalyn, Jerry Government Paper Money, 1917-1920  Certificate
Kalyn, Jerry Hryvnia Issues, 1996-2007 Certificate
Kalyn, Jerry Control Coupon Issues, 1991-1995 Certificate
Kalyn, Jerry Ukraine through Greeting Cards Certificate
Kalyn, Jerry Coins Certificate
Kalyn, Jerry Stocks and Bonds Certificate
Zayachivsky, Borys  Ukrainian Legion, Y.C.C., 1914-2014 Certificate
Moskal, Stepan Ukraine’s Stamps, 1992 and On Certificate
Non-Competative Table Exhibits
Stecko, Marian Medals and Ribbons Certificate
Zayachivsky, Borys   Ukrainian Legion, Y.C.C., 1914-2014 Certificate


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