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Ukrainian Collectibles Society of Australia

Australian-Ukrainian Heritage Personalised Stamp No.1/2

The UCS is Australia’s only organisation solely dedicated to the collecting and promotion of Ukrainian collectibles, Ukrainica.  Formed in 1994 the UCS and its members are major contributors to Ukrainian theme philately and collectibles in Australia and around the world.

The “Ukrainian Heritage” series will comprise an official Australia Post Personalised Stamp™ together with a first day of issue souvenir commemorative envelope.  The label attached to the stamp will depict an Australian Ukrainian organisations’ logo while the envelope will reproduce the logo on the front and have descriptive text, in both English and Ukrainian, on the reverse.

The first two releases are scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2010.  Issue number 1 will be dedicated to the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations (AFUO) with the second to the Ukrainian Youth Association SUM to coincide with their 60th anniversary of formation in Australia.

Releases will be limited to orders received from interested persons around the world and will not be repeated.  Receipt of orders after the cut‐off date cannot be fulfilled.  Orders can only be placed with the UCS on a prescribed Order form that will be emailed or posted to interested persons who register their interest direct with the UCS.  Contact should be made with the following officers of the UCS:

PO Box 466, Woodville SA 5011 AUSTRALIA

President: Frank Fursenko
M: 0412 267 880
Day & A/H: 08 8338 6165
Secretary: George Fedyk
M: 0412 702 234
Day: 08 8345 4033
A/H: 08 8445 9825

The email address for all orders is:  Once you resister your interest, your name will be added to a mailing list and you will be advised when new releases are to be issued.

Payment for items is specified on an Information Sheet that will be emailed or posted to you once you register interest.  Collectors can order one or all releases ‐ all registered persons will be notified prior to the release of new issues.

The UCS encourages you to register interest as soon as possible.















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