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Issue 91-100

Ukrainian Philatelist Vol.52 No.1 (91) 2004

  • Publish or Perish  by Ingert Kuzych
  • Ukrainian Philately:  Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow  by George von Steiden


  • Trident Overprints: An Updated Listing  by Borys Fessak
  • The Skalat Issue: An Update  by Peter Bylen
  • Kolomyia Cover Franked with Forged and Genuine Stamps  by Jerry G. Tkachuk
  • Poltava Tridents: Green, Blue, Blue-Green  by Trevor Pateman
  • Four Ukraine-Region Railroad Covers  by Leonard Tann
  • Telegram Tells a Tragic Tale  by Ingert Kuzych
  • Reflections on the Stanyslaviv Issues: An Introduction to Josef Baumgarten's Western Ukraine Monograph  by Inger Kuzych and Roman Pitio
  • Western Ukraine: My Travel Experiences  by Josef Baumgarten (translated by Jay Carrigan and Val Zabijaka)
  • The Late Stamps of Western Ukraine: Rebuttal of a Thesis  by Krzysztof Ceremuga
  • More on the Stanyslaviv Issues  by Roman Pitio and Ingert Kuzych
  • Canada Post Will Issue 49¢ Hnatyshyn Stamp  by Rich Miller


  • George (Jurij) Diachenko  submitted by Victor Taran

Ukrainian Philatelist Vol.52 No.2 (92) 2004

  • Announcements, Awards, Advancements  by Ingert Kuzych
  • UKRAINPEX 2004, Valley Forge, PA  by Andrew Martyniuk


  • Catalog of Year 2003 Releases  by George D. Fedyk
  • The Postal Rates of Independent Ukraine, 1918-1920  by Alexander Epstein
  • Some Interesting Ukraine-Area Items  by Leonard Tann
  • Halychyna Division Fantasy  by Borys Fessak
  • A Ukrainian Legion Print  by Peter Cybaniak, Roman Dubyniak, and Ingert Kuzych
  • A Bit More About the Bukovyna Legion  by Peter Cybaniak and Roman Dubyniak
  • Postal Issues, Prince Ihor Sviatoslavych and The Tale of Ihor's Campaign  by Andrij D. Solczanyk
  • Notes on Money Transfer Cards from Bessarabia  by Ingert Kuzych, Peter Cybaniak, and Roman Dubyniak
  • Ukraine-Estonia Joint Issue Wins Top Prize  by Ingert Kuzych
  • Narbut Prize Awarded in Estonia  by Ingert Kuzych
  • Publication Reviews  by Ingert Kuzych


  • Ian. L. G. Baillie  by John Roberts

Ukrainian Philatelist Vol.53 No.1 (93) 2005

  • From the Editor's Desk  by John Roberts
  • Message from the President:  News and Events  by Ingert Kuzych


  • Classic Ukrainian Trident Issues: An Overview. Chapter 6 Podillia Postal/Telegraphic Administration  by Alexander Epstein
  • Postal Forms in the Territory of Ukraine (English summar of the above)  by Alexander Malycky
  • The Postal Stationary and Postal Forms of Independent Ukraine  by Ingert Kuzych
  • The Magician, the Wall, and the Chief  by Ingert Kuzych
  • Botanical Gardens in Ukraine  by Andrij D. Sulczanyk
  • Four Brest-Litovsk Related covers  by Roman Dubyniak, Peter Cybaniak, and Ingert Kuzych
  • Lion Patches of the Division 'Galizien'  by Ingert Kuzych, Roman Cybaniak, and Peter Cybaniak


  • Kasimir Bileski, 1908-2005  by Rob Haeseler

Publication Reviews

  • Introductory Handbook of Ukrainian Philately, by Ingert Kuzych and others  reviewd by John Roberts
  • Russian Postage Stamps, 1917-23, Pocket Forgery Guide 4A and 4B Russia Ukraine Odesa Type I and II, by Ray Ceresa  reviewed by John Roberts
  • The Postal Hisotry of Ukraine, Ukrainian Legion Postcards, Types 1-6, and Types 7-17 by Roman Dubyniak and Peter Cybaniak  reviewed by John Roberts
  • The Post-Rider and the British Journal of Russian Philately  reviewed by John Roberts

Ukrainian Philatelist Vol.53 No.2 (94) 2005

  • Introduction  by John Roberts


  • An Introduction to the Stamps of Carpatho-Ukraine 1939 and 1945  by Jay Carrigan and Ingert Kuzych
  • Carpatho-Ukraine: A Catalog of the 1939 and 1945 Issues  by Jay Carrigan
  • Carpatho-Ukrainian Postal Stationery, 1939 and 1945  by Ingert Kuzych and Jay Carrigan
  • The Kolomyia Provisional Postal Cards of 1941  by Ingert Kuzych

Ukrainian Philatelist Vol.54 No.1 (95) 2006

  • From the Editor's Desk  by John Roberts
  • Awards Time.  A Message from the President  by Ingert Kuzych
  • Announcing a Study Group for the Post-World War II Ukrainian DP Camp Postal Administrations in Germany  by Borys Fessak & Alexander Malycky
  • Letter to the editor  by Mychajlo Ciapa


  • Classical Ukrainian Trident Issues:  An Overview.  Chapter 7: Semi-official issues, issues of unidentified origin & bogus issues  by Alexander Epstein
  • The German Occupation of Ukraine During WWII  by David Ripley, III
  • Podillia Revisited  by John Roberts
  • Balloon Flights With Ukrainian Connections  by Andrij D. Solczanyk
  • DC Camp Mail - Small Neu-Ulm Overprints  by Borys Fessak
  • Current Ukraine-Related Postmarks in Canada  by Dale Speirs
  • Western Ukraine Straight-Line BIKHO  by Peter Bylen
  • The "BIKHO" Marking on Kolomyia Registry Stamps: Further Clarification  by Ingert Kuzych
  • Treaty of Brest-Litovsk Commemorations Revisited  by Ingert Kuzych
  • Hutsul Memorabilia of the Early 20th Century  by Ingert Kuzych, Peter Cybaniak, & Roman Dubyniak
  • The Order of Bohdan Khmelnytskyi (And Other Soviet Stamps Depicting Ukraine's Hetman)  by Ingert Kuzych

Publication Reviews

  • A Philatelic Overview of Ukrainian Christianity  by Ingert Kuzych
  • Continuing to Chronicle the Ukrainian Legion  by Ingert Kuzych

Ukrainian Philatelist Vol.54 No.2 (96) 2006

  • The Best Stamp Show Ever!  A Message from the President  by Ingert Kuzych
  • Ukrainian Philately at Washington 2006  by Andrew O. Martyniuk


  • The German Occupation of Ukraine During World War II, Part II - The 1941 Provisional Issues  by W. David Ripley III
  • Bisect Frankings in Ukraine 1918  by Ingert Kuzych
  • The Stanislaviv Issues Reexamined  by Ingert Kuzych
  • Unambiguous Usage of Stanislaviv Issue Stamps  by Ingert Kuzych & Ron Zelonka
  • Kolomyia Essay  by Jerry G. Tkachuk
  • The Postal Rates of Western Ukraine, 1918-1919  by Roman Pitio & Ingert Kuzych
  • Ivan Franko and Music: A Philatelic Survey to mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of the great writer  by Andrij D. Solczanyk
  • The Ukrainian Displaced Persons Camp Post at Regensburg  by Alexander Malycky
  • Camp Mail - First Known Forgery   by Borys Fessak
  • Ukraine's 2005 Eurpoa Issue Wins Narbut Prize  by Ingert Kuzych


  • Stepan Kikta, 1918-2005  by Dr. Petro Vyhinnyi and Alexander Malycky

Ukrainian Philatelist Vol.55 No.1 (97) 2007

  • From the Editor's Desk  by John Roberts
  • Time to Step Up: A Message from the President  by Ingert Kuzych
  • The Dealers: A Long Overdue Tribute  by Andrew O. Martyniuk


  • The German Occupational of Ukraine During World War II, Part III - The 1944 Local Semi-Postal Issues by W. David Repley III
  • The Train Now Departing From Kharkov Central...  by Leonard Tann
  • Western Ukraine - An Ephemeral State of Eastern Europe  by William A. Jones
  • Western Ukraine's Second-Rarest Stamp - Scott No. 39  by Ingert Kuzych and Ihor Kulczycky
  • Some More Examples of Ukrainian Displaced Persons Camp Post  by Alexander Malycky and John Roberts
  • A Contemoraneous Announcement of The Third Stanyslaviv Issue  translated and annotations by Ingert Kuzych
  • Topical and Thematic Numismatics of Carpatho-Ukraine; The Provincial Coat of Arms on Coins and Banknotes of Czechoslovakia  by Michael Shulewsky
  • Diplomatic Mail of the Western Ukrainian National Republic  by Ingert Kuzych, Roman Dubyniak, and Peter Cybaniuk
  • Noteworthy Commemorative Covers of the North American Diaspora  by Ingert Kuzych
  • Ivan Franko in Philately  by Ingert Kuzych
  • New Ukrainian Stamp Shows Church in Australia  by John Roberts

Ukrainian Philatelist Vol.55 No.2 (98) 2007

  • From the Editor's Desk  by John Roberts
  • A View From the Top  by John Roberts and Ingert Kuzych


  • Ukraine 1917-1923: A Postal History Review  by Alexander Epstein
  • Classic Ukrainian-Topic Foreign Stationery, 1920-1945  by Ingert Kuzych
  • Some Highlights of the Cecil Roberts Courier Field Post Collection  by Ingert Kuzych
  • Two Ukrainian Postcards of Historic Interest  by Borys Zayachivsky
  • From Yellowed Pages: A First-Hand Account of the Kolomyia Stamp Issues  by Kazimierz Hroboni, translated by Zuzanna Oruba, Ingert Kuzych
  • Ukraine's Flower Definitives Voted Best for 2006  by Ingert Kuzych
  • Beating a Path to the Stanislaviv Post Office Door: Postal Footprints of the Vienna Dealers  by Ingert Kuzych and Ihor Kulczycky
  • Another Example of Western Ukraine No. 39  by Ingert Kuzych
  • Pre-Paid Reply: On the Centennial of International Reply Coupons  by Alexander Malycky

Publication Reviews

  • The Czechoslovak Army in Ukraine, 1914-1920  by Roman Dubyniak and Peter Cybaniak reviewed by Ingert Kuzych


  • A Farewell to Ron Zelonka  by Jerry Kalyn

Ukrainian Philatelist Vol.56 No.1 (99) 2008

  • A Thank You to Our Editors  by Andrew O. Martyniuk


  • Ukraine 1917-1923:  A Postal History Review, Part II  by Alexander Epstein
  • Some Courier Field Post Covers  by Ingert Kuzych
  • An Interesting Kherson Cover  by John Roberts
  • Earliest Dispatches from Western Ukraine  by Ingert Kuzych
  • A Short-lived Plethora of Western Ukrainian Postal Money Transfer Cards  by Ingert Kuzych, Roman Pitio, and Ron Zelonka
  • The Refurbishment of the Lviv Post Office  by Ingert Kuzych
  • The Independent Anarchist Republic of Hulyai-Pole  by William Lech
  • The Topical and Thematic Philatelcy of Carpatho-Ukraine: The Provincial Coat of Arms of Carpatho-Ukraine and Related Carpatho-Ukrainian Symbols on Stamps, Souvenir Sheets, and Postal Stationery of Czechoslovakia  by Michael Shulewsky
  • Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia and the Free Czechoslovakia 1939-1940 New York World's Fair Committee Issues  by Michael Shulewsky

Letters to the Editor

  • Regensburg DP Camp Information  by Alexander Malycky

Publication Reviews

  • Katalog Stempli Przedznaczkowych Galicji I Austriackiej Poczty W Wolnym Miescie Krakowie

Ukrainian Philatelist Vol.56 No.2 (100) 2008

  • From the Editor's Desk  by John Roberts
  • Message From The President  by Andrew O. Martyniuk


  • My Favorite Collectibles  edited by John Roberts
  • More on the Western Ukrainian National Republic  by Mark Stelmacovich
  • The Unissued Commemorative Coin of Carpatho-Ukraine  by Michael Shulewsky
  • A New Cancellation and a Few Words about the Ukrainian National Council Issue of 1953  by Borys Fessak
  • Ukraine 1917-1023: A Postal History Review Part III  by Alexander Epstein
  • Ukraine's First Express Mail Service  by Ingert Kuzych
  • A New Mariupil Issue Cover  by Ingert Kuzych with comments by Peter Cybaniak & Roman Dubyniak
  • Colorful Headdress Issue Wins Top Prize  by Ingert Kuzych

Letter to the Editor

  • More on Makhno and The Mariupil Issue  by Michael Shulewsky

In Memoriam

  • Justyn Krysa (1897-1970) - The "Ukrainian Philatelist" From Sudbury, Ontario  by David Yaschyshyn
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