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On December 23, 2009 a postage block of six stamps No. 80 “Minerals of Ukraine” was issued:

No. 1020 "Quartz", Face value – 1,50 UAH;
No. 1021 "Native Sulphur", Face value – 1,90 UAH;
No. 1022 "Topaz", Face value – 2,00 UAH;
No. 1023 "Beryl", Face value – 2,20 UAH;
No. 1024 "Tiger’s-eye", Face value – 3,30 UAH;
No. 1025 "a-kertschenite", Face value – 4,85 UAH.

Size of block – 132х86 mm
Size of stamp – 47х47х47 mm
Protection of stamps in the block: light elements of stones luminesce under UV-light.
Protection of the block: microprint: "Л. Мельнік".
Perforation – 11 1/2.
Selvages of the block are artistically decorated. Texts on the selvages:
"Мінерали України", "Кварц (гірський кришталь, мармароський діамант) SiO2 Карпати", "Сірка самородна S Прикарпаття", "Топаз Al2(F'OH)2 [SiO4] Волинь", "Берил Be3Al2[Si6O18] Волинь", "Око тигрове (кварц з амфібол-азбестом, сидеритом і магнетитом) переважно SiO2 Криворіжжя", "a-kерченіт Fe32+Fe63+(OH)6[PO4]6•18H2O Крим".
Barcode – 4823027128627.
Quantity – 100,000.
Designer of the block – Larysa Melnik.
Block is multicolored; printing process – offset, relief stamping and embossing by film with holographic effect.
Block is printed on SE “Integrated Printing Plant “Ukraina” for production of securities”.

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