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Good News from Ukraine – Letters Not Needed!

Since the publication of my President’s message in the December 2008 Trident Visnyk, I have received good news from Ukraine.  Valentyna Khudoliy has informed me in a letter that the reorganization at the former Marka Ukrainy is now complete and that the main difference is a change in the name of the Directorate, which was changed to avoid confusion with another commercial venture in Ukraine with a very similar name.  Staffing remains the same and the organization is stable with Mrs. Khudoliy continuing at the helm.  At her request, I am rescinding my call for letters on her behalf, as they are not needed.

Mrs. Khudoliy indicated that philatelic materials will continue to be available through their website ( and that stamp issues for 2009 are on track and will be issued according to plan.

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